Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life

 What are the best Apps for executives and managers, for personal productivity, managing and organizing trips, and entertainment?

Most Unique Apps For AndroidAccording to the firm IDC , by 2015 there will be 183,000 million downloads of applications to mobile devices. This figure could translate into something like 20 apps per inhabitant. The volume of traffic will grow 66% by that date, and online video streaming will be the segment that will develop the most (75%). Next will come gaming (62%) and data transfer (55%).

Among this multitude of applications, how do you know which ones are essential? WOBI did some research on it, and here is the result:

 1.   Bump Platforms: Android, IOS. Free version.

It is used to transmit photos, files and videos to your interlocutor’s cell phone, through a simple application to use.

 2.CloudOn Platforms: Android, IOS. Free version.

An indispensable tool for working with documents from the various Microsoft Office applications. It simulates the PC environment within the IOS operating system so that Apple device users can use Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

 3.   Dropbox Platforms: Android, IOS, BB, Kindle Fire. Free version.

It is the leading cloud storage app for functionality, compatibility, and ease of use. The free version offers up to 2GB of storage, which can be extended in the paid versions through various corporate plans.

 4.   Flyer Rights Platforms: Android, IOS. Price: $0.99.

Provides information on the rights of airline passengers in the face of various airline decisions (delays, changes, cancellations and others). Its integrated GPS system records and sends evidence of the situation to transportation authorities for processing.

 5.   Foodspotting Platforms: Android, IOS, BB, Windows. Free version.

Ideal to identify the best places to eat in different cities around the world, rate them and share them with your contacts. Along with the OpenTable app you can also make reservations.

 6.Goggles Platforms: Android, IOS. Free version.

Augmented reality. You can take a photo of an object or item (product, box, barcode, watermark or a popular image), and Google will search for information related to it.

7.Instagram Platforms: Android, IOS. Free version.

A standard when it comes to taking photos, editing them, sharing them and commenting on them on social networks.

8.Netflix Platforms: Android, IOS, BB, Windows Phone. Free version.

To watch movies, series and documentaries online. The application offers various search criteria and is automatically customized according to the pattern of tastes of each user.

9.Nike   Training Club Platforms: Android, IOS. Free version.

Have your own personal trainer on your mobile device to build exercise routines, set goals and track your progress and health status, even if you’re on the go.

10.   Prey Anti-Thef Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows. Free version.

Lost or stolen your device? Locate it with this application through the Web. It gives you information about your IP, generates alarms, takes pictures and sends messages to whoever has your device.

11.   Paper by Fifty Three Platforms: IOS. Free version.

Draw your ideas on the screen in an elegant and very simple way, using different techniques (illustrations, diagrams, sketches). The Draw tool is free, but you can add other paid ones. Extremely simple to use, it offers 6 tools, 9 colors and can be used with brushes, pens and pencils.

12.   Shredder Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows Phone. Price: $7.99.

Play against the powerful chess application, which will present you with various levels of difficulty. You can also emulate the techniques of famous players.

13.   Osmos Platforms: Android, IOS. Price: $2.99.

A game, designed according to the laws of Physics, in which one is a galactic sphere and to survive, in this fascinating cannibal world, one must absorb smaller organisms and grow. Ideal for downtime.

14.   Hoot Suite Platform: Android, IOS. Free version.

Console to manage all your profiles on social networks from the same place and program what you want.

15.   Soundhound Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows Phone. Free version.

The application identifies musical pieces or songs from the melody. It also provides additional related information.

16.Songmaker Platforms: IOS. Price: $1.99.

Even if you are not in tune, this app will transform your musical creativity into a good song. Very entertaining.

17.   Worldmate Platforms: Android, IOS, BB. Free version.

Plan, book, buy and manage your trip from start to finish. In addition, it allows you to share your itinerary with attendees, colleagues, friends and family.

18.Evernote Platforms: Android, IOS, BB, Windows Phone, WebOS. Free version.

Simple and friendly, this notepad acts as your second memory. Save your ideas, take notes, incorporate photos, generate lists and voice reminders, and retrieve them from any device.

19.Skitch Platforms: Android, IOS. Free version.

Express your ideas quickly. Retouch images with arrows, diagrams, and shapes, annotate PDFs, and share your documents with this Evernote-integrated app.

20.   Penultimate Platforms: IOS. Free version.

Write and draw on your iPad like on paper, but better.


Reaching the highest level, where the corporate strategy of a multinational is decided, is an arduous path. But more demanding is the pace to stay on top. The Argentine Sbampato is the Worldwide Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of the Slovakian ESET. His assumption of office forced him to move to Europe. He currently spends half the week in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and the other half in Madrid, with his wife and his daughter. The rest of his family lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also travels a lot: ESET has offices and distributors in more than 100 countries. For this reason, the executive cannot imagine how he would do his job without the battery of mobile applications that he loads on his smartphone.

“I use a lot the combination of Evernote , Skitch , Penultimate –he explains–, three applications that are compatible with each other and from the same company. The first is to manage notes in the cloud and from all devices. Skitch lets you edit and add data on images, and Penultimate is also a notepad but for handwriting,” she says. “And since I travel a lot, Instagram (a photo-sharing app) is essential for me: I photograph and share images of the places I visit. Also, of course, there is the matter of food. For that, Foodspotting : directs me directly to the most interesting places to eat. and worldmateit never fails. It is an application to organize trips; I could not live without her.

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